In June 1st , 2017, the company celebrated its 10th year anniversary


This event remarks 10 years of establishment and development, as a sincere thanks and highly appriciation efforts, sense of solidarity and collaboration of all ABE Industrial Vietnam members for achievment common goals.


This event also points out all achievements that our company has achieved over the past 10 years and contributes to the metal stamping and welding industry in Vietnam. We are extremely proud of  to be one of the pioneer, prestigious and creating high quality products in this field. In addition, our associated effort also lend a hand to increasing the value of Vietnam products in the world market.

Attending to event includes representatives of our partners, clients and companies from foreign and domestic corporations

After 10 years, ABE Industry Vietnam has step by step overcome the difficulties with unwavering effort and determination. We aslo has gained more and more confidences and affirmed our brand position in both domestic and international market. We understand and appreciate the fact that and appreciate this achievement cannot be achieved without the contribution from all members. Therefore, the Board of Directors has awarded certificates of merit and reward to the outstanding individuals who contributed so much to the development of the company.


We have determined put more efforts to fulfill our company’s vision become the largest, and the most prestigious branch on this field in Vietnam.

Besides, we also have the honor to receive many wishes and bouquets of fresh flowers from friends, customers and partners. . Not only does it represent the congratulations but it also brings us the motivation to become more creative and active in the next journey.


ABE Industry Vietnam will continuously strive to gain more and more achievements to celebrate our many next memorable 10th anniversaries.

The program is organized warmly atmosphere that connects all members with the special performance  that represent feature of Vietnam culture.



Thank you very much and wish you many successful milestones.



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