Annual fire prevention drill

Annual fire prevention drill
Date Submitted: 2 tháng trước

On December 1, 2023, ABE held a fire drill for all employees. This is an annual activity to improve awareness and skills to respond to fire and explosion situations, ensuring the safety of people and property of the company.

The drill was conducted under the guidance of a professional fire brigade, including the following:


- Introduction to causes, signs and prevention of fire and explosion.

- Instructions on how to use fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers, alarms, escapes, ...

- Practice rehearsing different fire and explosion scenarios, such as electrical fire, oil fire, garbage fire, etc.

- Evaluate results and learn from experiences.



The drill took place successfully, with the enthusiastic participation of ABE employees. The employees have been equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent firefighting,

while also creating a happy and united working environment.


ABE hopes that the fire drill will contribute to improving the quality of service and reputation of the company, as well as protecting the health and safety of all employees and customers.